Jessica Rabbit’s “Why Don’t You Do Right”

by janetkarrowp

Jessica Rabbit’s “Why Don’t You Do Right” &

Janet Karro’s “All the Prisoners of Love”

Jessica Rabbit’s “Why Don’t You Do Right”

Jessica Rabbit is a character in the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. In 2008, she was named by Empire Magazine as among the “100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time”. She’s also considered as one of the sexiest cartoon characters, along with Betty Boop and the Caramel Bunny character of Cadbury.

In the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, there is a scene where Jessica Rabbit’s legs first appear behind the blue curtains of the stage. While singing “Why Don’t You Do Right”, her whole body appears and she sultrily sings the rest of the song. Here are the first few lines of the song:

You had plenty of money in 1922.

You let other women make a fool of you.

Why don’t you do right,

like some other men do?

Get out of here,

get me some money too.

You’re sittin’ down and wonderin’ what it’s all about.

If you ain’t got no money, they will put you out.

why don’t you do right,

like some other men do?

Voiced by Amy Irving for the songs and Kathleen Turner for the speaking parts, the song became a hit when it was shown in the film. However, the original composition was considered as a combination of blues and jazz, and is now considered a standard woman’s blues song. It is written in 1936 by Kansas Joe McCoy and tells of woman’s complaints about her man’s financial instability. The woman is thus asking her man to go out and earn a living if he cannot support her, thus asking him to do right by her. The jazz song was also famously recorded by Peggy Lee.

Janet Karro’s “All the Prisoners of Love”


Now, how does Jessica Rabbit’s song “Why Don’t You Do Right” compare with Janet Karro’s “All the Prisoners of Love”? To start right off, here are the first few parts of the poem.

All the prisoners of love I salute thee

All the prisoners of love I congrat thee to thee

The ones that cling to the tree of love

That grows out of strength…

This poem is part of Janet Karro’s first spoken word album entitled Lady Ocean. Aside from All the Prisoners of Love, it has other tracks like Tender Giant, White Attire and Without You. What makes “All the Prisoners of Love” comparable with Jessica Rabbit’s “Why Don’t You Do Right” is that the lyrics have something to do with being a prisoner of that feeling of being in love.

With Jessica Rabbit’s song, she is actually insisting that her man do right by her – which means that she knows that something is off and wrong with the relationship. Despite having strong feelings for her man, she does see the light and is not being blinded by what’s staring in front of her which is the man not providing her with exactly what she needs.

With Karro’s All the Prisoners of Love, the writer says that she salutes those who are caught up in the trap of that tumultuous feeling of being in love. The common ground that the two tracks have is being imprisoned by love. Only, one realizes that love is not enough while for the other spoken word song which is “All the Prisoners of Love”, it shows an admiration for those who allow themselves to get caught in the emotion.