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Janet (Nessia Inaeva) Karro


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Janet (Nessia Inaeva) Karro

Janet (Nessia Inaeva) Karro

Janet (Nessia Inaeva) Karro is a spoken word performer. Spoken word poetry is poetry ‘performed’ for an audience. The keyword here is performed, which means that unlike traditional poem recitations, spoken word performances use heavy rhythm, word play, rhymes, free association, poetic phrases and even slang. Unlike traditional forms of poetry, a spoken word performance is more in-your-face. Such is the quality of the spoken word poetry tracks included in Janet Karro’s debut album entitled “Ocean” – along with her other bodies of work.


Early years 

Janet Karro was born in the former Soviet Union. She began reciting poems at the age of six. Upon receiving her musical education, her talents progressed to the performing arts. When she was twelve, she started recording poems at a radio station. She also participated in live stage performances as a soloist in a choir where she got to sing, act and play the piano.

By the time that she turned twenty, Janet Karro’s family immigrated to Toronto, Canada. Here, she worked as a ballet accompanist for Parks and Recreation. She also served as a principal music teacher at the Scarborough Conservatory of Music.

After earning her BA in Philosophy from the Florida International University in (FIU) Miami, Janet Karro studied briefly at the Sydney University Law School in Australia. She finally finished her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice in FIU, where she currently resides. She continues to write and produce poetry records in Miami.


Recording career 

Janet Karro’s first spoken word album is entitled “Lady Ocean”. It is meant to convey the message of unconditional love and kindness in human relationships. Delivered using a pleasantly romantic overtone and vocally carried out via melodic passages, the tracks in “Lady Ocean” are meant to bring about joy and happiness to the listeners.

For those who have yet to discover the joys of spoken word poetry, it is all about the use of concrete language, rhymes and repetition. At the same time, the performer takes on a different persona while reading the poem. Since you cannot see Karro’s posture, gestures and facial expressions when listening to her poems, you can picture what she is doing via her projection, enunciation and the phrases which are stressed out or highlighted during the reading process.


YouTube Channel 

With the rise of popularity in spoken word poetry, spoken word performers like Janet Karro have also experienced a surge in recognition. Evidence of this is the sales of her debut album “Lady Ocean”, as well as the popularity of her the Janet Karro YouTube channel which currently has over a million views and almost 2,000 subscribers. Her channel from the popular video-sharing site features her spoken word performances including the original and Shakespearean versions of “Without You”. Viewers can also watch All Prisoners of Love, Tender Giant, White Attire and other tracks from her first album Lady Ocean.






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